Stainless steel jewelry care

Almost all of our jewelry is made of high-resistance stainless steel (it is indicated in the composition of the jewelry), so the care process for them is very simple. To enjoy the beauty of your jewelry for a long time, we recommend you follow these tips:

- Avoid contact with chemicals such as body lotions, perfumes, etc., as these contribute to the discoloration of your jewelry. The most advisable thing is to apply the perfume or makeup first and after waiting a few minutes, put on your jewelry.

- You can wash your hands or take a shower with stainless steel jewelry, as one of its properties is water resistance. Still, like any material, it is not 100% infallible. Therefore, use a neutral shower gel that does not contain chemicals. After you shower, remove the soap from the jewelry and dry it.

- You can swim in the pool or in the sea with stainless steel jewelry, but only if it is something occasional. In both cases, the water contains elements such as chlorine or salt, which in the long term can deteriorate the shine and golden color of the jewellery. If you have already bathed, it is best to clean and dry the jewelry.

- Store your jewelry separately to prevent scratches. The best place is in a cloth bag or jewelry box.

- After use, wipe off accumulated oil, sweat and dirt with a soft microfiber cloth.

- Do not sleep with your jewelry on. Movements during the night can damage or deform the pieces.

- You can clean your jewelry daily with a soft microfiber cloth and thus restore its shine. If the dirt is greater, you can make a mixture with warm water and neutral pH soap and leave the jewelry to soak for a few minutes. Afterward, rub the jewelry with a soft microfiber cloth until dry.