Do you already have a costume for Halloween?

We propose several easy ideas to dress up the most terrifying night of the year.


devil or demon costume

To dress up as a devil, all you need is a red or burgundy dress like the red Minnie dress and a headband with horns. To complete the look you can add a red trident.

For the makeup, it will be enough to put on makeup as you would do to go out to a party and yes, red lips.


mummy costume

For the mummy costume, you need a total white look like the set of the white Larisa bodysuit and the white Jennifer culottes . To complete the look, you will need white bandages and tie them, leaving some loose to give it a terrifying touch.

For the hair, we think it's a great idea to make a high ponytail and braid a bandage with the hair so that it is intertwined with the hair.

The makeup is quite simple, line your eyes as you would normally and with the same eyeliner draw a line in the middle under the eye and a curl to the side, in true Cleopatra style.


Fallen angel or black angel costume

For the fallen angel or black angel costume, you'll need a black dress like the black Courtney dress , some bat-style wings, and a black or red angel headband. We have chosen a red one to match the wings.

For makeup, we have used reddish eye shadow and red eyeliner and lipstick.


skeleton costume

For the skeleton costume, we have chosen this black cut out dress. It is the black Alanna dress , the neckline openings can be adjusted to suit you. We thought it was a dress that combined great with the costume given its originality.

For the makeup, we have opted for a simple makeup with red lips on half of the face and on the other half a simple skull makeup.


joker or clown costume

Finally, we propose this costume that is a little more original than the previous ones. For the look, we will need a lilac blouse or top and some green pants like the lilac Rebecca blouse and the green Wave pants .

For makeup, we have used lilac eye shadow, thick black eyeliner, green eyeliner for the eyebrows, red lip liner to cut the eye with a vertical line. We have used the same red eyeliner to make the Joker's characteristic wide smile and with black eyeliner we have drawn a "J" on the cheek and the text "HAHA" above the eyebrow. Finally, we have used green hairspray to apply it to some strands of hair.

You no longer have an excuse not to dress up this Halloween

We hope you really liked all the ideas that we propose to dress up this October 31st. If you want to know more about costumes and makeup, follow us on Instagram and Tiktok .